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May 2021

Edition 30

20/21: A crazy, silent winter

And now for the last time … Covid

We don´t think that there is anybody who is not completely fed up with the restrictions in our personal and working lives. The fact that we all are, more or less, tied to our homes does not make it any better.

But there is some light on the horizon. Brittain has decided that Portugal can be placed on the Green List, which means that from the 17th of May onwards, travel from the UK to Portugal is allowed and quarantine upon return is not necessary. Portugal still requires a negative PCR test, at least at this moment.
On May 1st, The European Union has proposed to open non-essential travel to all vaccinated people without PCR testing. The vaccination has to be at least 14 days prior to the date of travel. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this proposal will be supported by the member states.

The development of Covid in Portugal is positive in all aspects. The amount of contaminations per 100.000 people is 60 only and the trend is downwards. This happens, in spite of the fact that from April 5th onwards, the Portuguese society was openend again step by step. Meanwhile 37% of our population is vaccinated and life has taken on its normal routines. (Source: allcharts)

We sincerely hope that this positive development will lead us to a beautiful summer season. With the now silent streets and terraces of Tavira filled with happy shoppers and relaxed holiday-goers. Not just for our guests, that crave a holiday, but also for these two B&B owners who horribly miss their guests and normal job!

We simply cannot wait to see you again!

Cas al Cubo 10 years!

The only word that comes to mind to describe the past year is: weird. Maybe that explains why both of us completely forgot our work anniversary. We only realised that we were actually running our Bed and Breakfast 10 years already, when Brigitte congratulated us.

May 1st 2011 was the day our B&B opened the doors to guests for the first time. The past season was too weird to celebrate. So we have kept that for this season. We are full of plans and ideas that are getting shape right at this moment And of course this has to be our celebration. From us and our guests.
In the months of May and June of 2021, we have made a special offer when you book your stay with us until latest possible departure date June 30th.

That is exactly how we started in 2011 and we feel it is a suitable present from us, to our guests.

Book a minimum of 7 nights and we offer 1 night FREE !

New website B&B Cas al Cubo

After 10 years, the website of B&B Cas al Cubo needed an upgrade. We have changed small things over the years, but the layout is quite out of date. We decided to design a new website ourselves. A great project, in Covid times, because we do not have guests so now we have time for such a huge undertaking. Kathleen is responsible for the design and Nicole works on tekst, SEO and photographs. We start in the new year 2021 and now, four months after the start, the new website is live. We are so incredibly proud of the look and feel!

On May 3rd, we make the new site available to our guests. We are glad that we have finished this huge job successfully. Undoubtedly, there will be mistakes in the text, links, translations, or other things. If you notice something, please let us know so that we can improve the site still. That will help us hugely!

Click here to go to the new Cas al Cubo website


Officially, in 2020, no awards were supposed to be handed out. The number of travellers and thus reviews would be too low for any accommodation to justify choosing “the best”.

When we received a notification from the Zoover organisation on March 11th, therefor we were very surprised. The contents of the mail were:

“Congratulations! You won a Zoover Award Gold!

This year, we have not been able to hand out awards in the usual manner. Therefor we have decided to hand out the Zoover Awards in digital form to accommodations and owners that deserve one.

Your hard work has resulted in a Zoover Award for 2020, and that should not go unnoticed. Therefor we have designed a digital certificate that you find attached to this mail. You can print it yourself and display it at your reception, share it on your website of through other digital channels.

We hope that you are happy with you award. You deserved it!
Of course, we are very happy with this “smack on the back” from our guests. Thank you so much for staying with us and formulating your experiences in a review. We will keep on doing the best we can for you, to make sure you create beautiful and unforgettable memories in our Bed and Breakfast.

Did you enjoy your stay in our B&B? Haven´t you written a review for us yet? That is still possible. Leave your Tripadvisor review here.

Mostly, we hope that you will choose us to spend your holiday in the Algarve, so we can make you experience our hospitality for yourself.

Spring 2021

Spring is in the air! The sun shines brightly and the first day with 30º Celcius is forcasted for May 16th. The last oranges of this season are still on the tree; the mulberries are ripe and we battle with the blackbirds who is first to eat them.

The branches of the apricot tree moan under the weight of the fruit. The grapes show their mini-bunches and for the first time in 10 years, the cherry tree (or is it a prune?) bears fruit. The pomegranate has flowers, in short: nature is not affected by Covid. The normal cycles just go on.

On our land, there is always something to do. We are redeveloping the area below the pool. We plan two shad sails there with hammocks below them out of the sun for a lazy afternoon. The sitting area right from the terrace is extended with a porch swing for a lovely drink in the sunset.

The olive trees were pruned by an expert this winter. The expectation is, that 2021 will offer a big harvest. And there is always a list of things to do; prune, pick, mow or simply sweep up. Our chickens are quite experienced in making a mess of any raked garden, so we are never bored.

Bright Algarve Summer

We are going to celebrate a great summer!
B&B Cas al Cubo introduces the Happy Hour.

Five days a week, between 17:00 and 19:00pm, we will be bar-tending on the terrace. You can order your aperitif directly with us and it is delivered straight on your sun lounger.
We have created a drinks menu with several cocktails, a good bottle of Portuguese bubbels and a snacks board. Of course, we also offer a range of beer, Algarve wines and sodas, just like you are used to.

Yes, we will be shaking through the summer. Meanwhile we are full in training and, even if we say it so ourselves, not without merit. Can you imagine a better end of a lovely sunny day? Of course, we will be glad to reserve your restaurant for you afterwards.

Once a week, we still offer our guests a joint 3 course meal on the terrace. We hope that, with more and more vaccinated guests, the world will return to normal and allow us to reinstall our big table too. We will hoverer, stick to the Corona rules that are still in place at this moment.

We cannot wait for the first guests to arrive at B&B Cas al Cubo. We are so looking forward to the start of the season. Slowly, the bookings are starting to arrive and that really makes us happy. Our partner in car rental does not increase his prices for the 10th year in a row, so we can still provide you with a good price rental car. We will be glad to take that organisation off your hands.

We really hope to receive you all this summer for an enjoyable and unforgettable holiday in our beautiful Algarve!
Our availability calendar is completely renewed and it is even easier to see when we have free rooms.

Book your favourite room HERE.
Alternatively, you can send us an email with your request. We will answer as soon as we can.

Heb je na het lezen van deze nieuwsbrief alweer zin gekregen in een vakantie bij B&B Cas al Cubo, stuur ons dan direct de reserveringsaanvraag  of stuur een mail naar: [email protected] Tot deze zomer in de Algarve!