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B&B Cas al Cubo



December 2021

Edition 31

2021: Covid year No. 2

On our way to the future!

We have got big news: B&B Cas al Cubo is sold! This absolutely the most important happening in 2021. We will stop the running of our Bed and Breakfast in this house. That does not mean that we will disappear from the radar though. 

For a while we had this feeling that we would like to start something new. A new project in a new place. A house where we will be able to live and grow old. A house with possibly some appartements or guestrooms to rent out. The house and location where we live at this moment, can only be changed cosmetically. We are not allowed to build anything  more. We both felt like starting one more project, from scratch, ecologically and fully adapted to our wishes. Next to our normal B&B job, this is impossible. We will not have time for that.
When we work in the bed and breakfast, we want to be there for our guests. So we decided to sell our Cas al Cubo. In 2022 however, we will still be there. We are working until the 30th. of September and we will leave the house on October 31st. That gives us one month to clear out the big basement 😬.

At this moment we are looking for the perfect place to realise our next plan. Of course we have so many demands and wishes, that impossibility lurks around the corner. Apart from that, we have some different ideas between us too. So you see … plenty to do. These are exiting times though. We have this feeling of excited anticipation. In the next months we will have to make important choices. We would preferably like to finalise our search this winter, but we don´t know if that is possible. A PERFECT location does not exist, so compromises will have to be made. 

Please visit us in 2022!!

In 2022, you are still very welcome in our B&B to enjoy our breakfast and hospitality, because in the next season, we will certainly still be there. 

B&B Cas al Cubo in 2022

Next season we are still here with our usual enthusiasm for our guests. 2022 Has to become the best year ever for our guests and for us. Great dinners, five-o-clock cocktails and snack boards, our extensive breakfast with every day another sweet surprise and of course the restaurants we are glad to reserve for you. 

Come and enjoy the East-Algarve long sandy beaches that are generally quiet, even in the peak of the tourist season. Because who does not yearn for sun, sea, no stress and divine weather for a week or two per year.

Apart from the beaches, Cas al Cubo itself offers a range of activities and ways to create your perfect holiday. We have programs for walkers, birdwatchers, golfers, lovers of good cuisine, in other words: we are the perfect getaway for everybody.


The Eastern Algarve is the most amazing area for walking. Both from our Bed and Breakfast and in the greater area around Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, the possibilities to make long and short walks are almost endless. Although you should think that, after over 10 years, we know the area in and out, we still find new tracks and trails that we can make into beautiful walks.  Of course we will keep on sharing our new routes. I will also try (I cannot promise it), to complete their website www.walking-in-algarve.com with the councils in the Eastern Algarve that are still lacking there. The site will keep on growing, as well as our Facebook site. Bed and Breakfast Cas al Cubo is your walking accommodation in the Algarve.

Book your walking holiday at B&B Cas al Cubo

Cas al Cubo offers walks with distances from 4 to 20 miles, with different levels of difficulty and heights. So whether you prefer walking along the coast line or in the mountains….or possibly something in between; we have the perfect routes for you. If you wish, we arrange your lunch box and a thermos flask of tea or coffee. Meanwhile, our bed and breakfast season is slowly ending. We have started to design and discover new walks. The new routes will first be published on our Facebook site.



The Eastern Algarve is the perfect location for golfers. In the area between Faro and the Spanish border, six very different golf courses guarantee a great holiday. B&B Cas al Cubo offers golfing holidays to your preference. We host more golf lovers every year  Some just want to play once or twice in a week and some build their complete holiday around their clubs. Meanwhile we know the courses quite well and we are able to advise you, based on your personal handicap. We can book the tee times for you at the best prices.

Ask us for the possibilities here.  



Our regular guests know the drill… We are serving breakfast, talking to our guests on the terrace and all of a sudden one of us gets completely silent. Eyes scan the trees in the garden, because from the corner of an eye we saw a … Bee Eater, Hopoo, Woodchat Shrike, Common Waxbill or other feathered friend flying over.
Cameras and binoculars are pulled from drawers and cupboards and within minutes even the most uninterested guest cannot refuse a peak at the flying miracle. Upon the leaving of the bird, breakfast is resumed as if nothing ever happened.

We love birds and we cannot resist looking at them. B&B Cas al Cubo hosts a wide variety of species and the Algarve is a true birdwatchers paradise. On our Facebook sitewe regularly post our bird pictures and for our birdwatching guests, we can offer several bird guides. Both in book form as well as in a living person. Of course we can also give you suggestions concerning bird sanctuaries in the Algarve and Alentejo.

Holiday season 2022

In 2022, we will be enjoying another sunny Algarve season as your hostesses, in our beautiful Bed and Breakfast. We will open the doors in the spring, with our usual enthusiasm, after a winter of resting and garden works. During the Algarve rainy season, weeds tend to appear everywhere and, next two pruning and cleaning the trees,  combatting them is a winter-long task.
We have adapted the availability calendar on the website www.casalcubo.com and booking your holiday with us will be possible until the end of September. 

We would love to see you again in 2022. Celebrating the last year of our B&B Cas al Cubo-life with our known and loved guests would be amazing. Therefor we hope to see you all again in the next season, whether it will be to enjoy walking the East Algarve, beach-lounge our amazing stretches of sand or visit the great towns and cities of the area and enjoy our great restaurants. We welcome you with open arms! 

Early Bird Action: discount € 5,00 per night

  • Book your room before February 1st. 2022
  • Minimum amount of nights: 7

Click here to book your Cas al Cubo holiday with Early Bird Discount!


The festive season is sneaking up on us now. At B&B Cas al Cubo, we are hosting the last guests of 2021. Friday, December 24th. we will be closing for the winter. In the first week of January, rumours have it that the Algarve will be going into a lockdown in order to prevent X-mas covid to spread widely over society. Nothing however, has been confirmed so far. We still visit restaurants and all the shopping is also still an option. 
In the spring, we open our doors again. The exact date depends a little on the inquiries that we will receive. Don´t let the calendar, that is half closed in March on the website, prevent you from asking about our availability! Also for 2022, we will be happy with every booking. If you have any doubts, please send us a mail!
Have a good winter, stay healthy and safe and we will see you in 2022!  

We wish you all a lovely X-mas and
a fantastisc and healthy New Year.
Let´s meet again in 2022!!

If reading this news letter starts your longing for a sunny holiday in the Algarve, please do not hesitate!! Go to the reservation form and send us your booking for a relaxing holiday at B&B Cas al Cubo. Of course you can always send us a mail. 

See you in the Algarve in 2022!